HPE H27Y0E MSA 2060 Storage Warranty, 3 Year Tech Care Essential Support

HPE H27Y0E MSA 2060 Storage Warranty, 3 Year Tech Care Essential Support

HPE H27Y0E MSA 2060 Storage Warranty, 3 Year Tech Care Essential Support


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Product Key Features

  • 3-year extended warranty for HPE MSA 2060 Storage
  • Remote diagnosis and phone support for quick issue resolution
  • 4-hour response time for parts and labor
  • Access to knowledge base and web support for self-help
  • Visual remote guidance for efficient troubleshooting
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HPE Pointnext Tech Care (HPE Tech Care) is the operational support experience for HPE hardware and software products (HPE products). HPE Tech Care helps IT teams focus on moving the business forward by proactively searching for better ways to do things, as opposed to just focusing on reactive issues.

HPE Tech Care goes beyond traditional support by enabling direct access to product-specific specialists and providing general technical guidance to help Customers not only reduce risk but also continually search for ways to do things more efficiently. HPE Tech Care Customers can get help through multiple channels that include telephone, HPE moderated forums with defined response times, automated incident logging, and a real-time chat facility. The service provides access to expert technical resources with specialized knowledge in the hardware and or software within the context of the specific workload and avoids the Customer spending time answering sometimes unnecessary triage or entitlement questions.

HPE Tech Care goes beyond traditional support by offering General Technical Guidance for the operation, management, and security of the supported product.

HPE Support Center provides an enhanced and personalized digital experience that helps Customers manage their assets by recognizing the various products installed in the Customer's environment and how these products interact with each other. New self-service tools allow Customers to perform certain activities without having to open a support incident, as well as providing a portal of curated knowledge resources. HPE Tech Care provides access to HPE resources who will help drive operational excellence and performance optimization from edge to cloud.

The service includes remote diagnosis, parts replacement, repair, phone support, knowledge base access, visual remote guidance, new releases update, and web support.
The HPE 3-Year Tech Care Essential Service provides coverage for a duration of 3 years.
Yes, this service is provided on-site, ensuring prompt assistance and support for your HPE MSA 2060 Storage.
The service offers a 4-hour response time for parts and labor, minimizing downtime and ensuring quick resolution of any issues.
No, this service is specifically designed for the HPE MSA 2060 Storage and is not applicable to other HPE products.
Absolutely! This service provides comprehensive support and assistance, making it user-friendly for non-technical users who may require help with their HPE MSA 2060 Storage.

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