What is a KVM Switch? What is it used for?

Feb 8, 2023 | Elif VURAL

What is a KVM Switch? What is it used for?

Developing tech comes with interesting and wild amount of components. One of the instrument that integrates a keyboard, mouse, and monitors altogether into two or more computers is known as a KVM switch. This item around your desk or in your room allows to control between computers easily. Thus, one or more PCs can use the same keyboard, mouse, and monitor simultaneously.

All KVM switches on the market have ports for USBs and monitors with composite cables. This is actually the best way to switch between several computers with one mouse, keyboard, and monitor, or altogether at once.

KVM Switches

What is a KVM switch?

Nowadays, a KVM switch is the device allows every users to control multiple computers with one keyboard, mouse, and video monitor. Keyboard, video (monitor), and mouse are very well-known as KVM. The key pont of this switch is to bring in the maximum speed of operation between multiple PCs or servers with the KVM. They are all known as the 'console'. This situation eliminates the need for multiple input options. So, making it ideal to manage servers or arranege fundamental access indeed.

What is a KVM switch used for?

The main motive is a rapid access to two or more PCs that share the same keyboard, monitor and or mouse. This means less mass, but more desk space. Therefore, it can be said that a KVM switch is the rescuer for inefficient amount of hardware. That is why it is the most demanded product on the market!

KVM Switches

What are the KVM switch types?

KVM switches can be divided into two main categories: access-control and application-technology.

Access-control KVM type

This category is divided into two subcategories: single-user KVM and multi-user KVM switch.

  • The single-user KVM switch is typically an entry-level switch for modest installations, like SOHO or mobile offices. It enables one person to connect with as many computers as are required to create a single console.
  • The multi-user KVM switch is used in high-power applications and data centers where multiple users are required to control a number of servers or computers.

Application-technology KVM type

This category is also divided into two subcategories: The analog KVM switch and the digital KVM switch.

  • The analog KVM switch: The analog KVM switch is designed for basic applications, such as a few servers or PCs connected to a single console. Direct cable connections from the desktop or computer to the KVM switch at the console are used to operate analog KVM switches.
  • A digital KVM switch: It is also known as a KVM over IP switch. Digital KVM switches are more complex than their analog counterparts, but they offer much greater flexibility. With these, you can manage your servers at any time, from any location, using any IP connection. This could be done either locally or remotely using the company's LAN.

What connection types do KVM switches have?

KVM switches typically have either VGA or DVI connections, although more recently HDMI, DisplayPort, and other types of connectors are becoming increasingly common. Using a single USB keyboard, USB mouse, and VGA monitor, you can control two PCs with the 2-Port USB KVM Switch with Audio Support.

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