Back to School 2023: The Ultimate Guide for Students

Jul 20, 2023 | Elif VURAL

Back to School 2023: The Ultimate Guide for Students

As the summer draws to a close and thoughts return to school, it’s time to get organized and prepared for the new school year. Whether you’re heading back for your senior year of high school, starting up college classes, or continuing into graduate school, there are always things you’ll want to make sure you have in order. So grab your checklist and a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into the ultimate back-to-school guide for students in 2023. Welcome back to school!

 Back to School Guide

Back to School Checklist: What Every Student Needs in 2023

Sit down with your back to school checklist and make note of everything you'll need to buy. Break it down by subject or class so you can catch everything. While every student and school has slightly different requirements, there are some everyday essentials that just about every student needs for the new school year. It's also a time-honored tradition to shop for back-to-school gifts.

In today's digital world, students need tech devices and accessories to help them learn, study, complete assignments, and stay organized. Here are some of the critical tech items for your back-to-school shopping list:

 Texas Calculator

Laptop - A laptop or notebook is a must-have for students of all ages today. When choosing a computer for your student, look for a lightweight, durable model with good battery life.

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Tablet - A tablet can be a versatile tool for note-taking, reading e-textbooks, web browsing, apps, and more for students of all ages. Top options include the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 for its brilliant display, S Pen support, and the versatile and affordable Amazon Fire HD 10. Consider accessories like a case and stylus as well.

Wireless Mouse - Using a mouse can make computer work much easier. A wireless model gives students more flexibility.

External Hard Drive - An external hard drive is excellent for backing up essential files and expanding storage.

USB Flash Drives - Flash drives quickly transfer files between home and school. They're also great for backups and group projects.

Scientific Calculator - A dedicated scientific calculator is a must for STEM courses. Look for tested brands used in standardized exams like Texas Instruments TI-84.

Backpack - Don't forget a sturdy and comfortable backpack or bookbag to tote all those textbooks, binders, laptops, and more. Look for bags with padded shoulder straps, multiple compartments, and a laptop sleeve for organization.


HP Chromebook 

Laptops: The Crucial Tool for Back to School 2023

A new laptop is one of the most significant purchases before returning to campus. With so many options, it can take time to determine which is suitable for your needs and budget.

Retailers like Network Hardware typically discount laptops and tablets in July and August. Look out for back-to-school tech sales. We break down the top laptop recommendations for popular majors:

Finding the Perfect Laptop: A Subject-by-Subject Guide

  • Best Laptop for Architecture Students: Architecture students need a laptop with a high-res screen to view CAD drawings and a capable GPU for 3D modeling software. A 4K or high-DPI display helps to zoom in on small details. Just check that the specs meet the requirements of the specific programs you'll be using.
  • Laptop for Computer Science Students, Best Laptop for CS Students: These majors require robust processing power. Aim for a computer with at least 16GB RAM and a new Intel Core i7 or i9 processor.
  • Best Laptop for Medical Student, Best Laptop for Nursing Student: Look for extended battery life (8+ hours) and durability. Medicine involves lots of travel for rotations and residency. Prioritize SSD storage over slow HDDs for speed.
  • Budget Laptop for Programming Students: If you're studying computer science or any programming subject, you need a laptop with enough processing power to handle compiling code, running IDEs and simulators, and switching between multiple programs and browser tabs.
    Look for a laptop with at least 8GB of RAM, an AMD or Intel i5 processor, and at least 256GB of SSD storage. A full HD 1080p screen is also recommended for viewing multiple windows simultaneously.
  • Best Laptop for Law Students: Law students need a laptop to manage a heavy document load, so a spacious SSD is essential. You'll also want ample processing power to run legal research tools and open many pdfs simultaneously. The key is getting a fast, responsive machine with sufficient storage.
  • Laptop for Art Students: A decent graphics card and large high-resolution display are crucial for art and design students. You'll need sufficient processing power for photo editing and graphic design programs. Just make sure the graphics card is powerful enough for your software needs.
  • Good Laptop for Architecture Students: We talked about what features the best laptop for architecture students should have. If you can't afford to buy the best, choose a budget laptop with a discrete graphics card so you can still easily view 3D modeling and diagramming software.
  • Laptop for Accounting Students: A durable laptop with a high processing speed is essential for accounting students. Accounting work involves manipulating large spreadsheets and heavy multitasking, so a computer with an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and at least 256GB of storage is recommended.
    An SSD drive is also beneficial for its fast loading and saving time. Additional perks like a numeric keypad, HD screen, and long battery life make an accounting laptop even better.
  • Best Laptop for Ph.D. Students: Choosing a computer for your Ph.D. studies requires considering both horsepower and mobility. As a Ph.D. student, you'll likely read and write many papers, work with large datasets, and manage various research projects. You'll need a laptop with the following:
  • A powerful processor like an Intel Core i7 or i9 or an AMD Ryzen 7 or 9
  • 16GB or more of RAM
  • A large SSD of 512GB or more
  • A high-resolution screen for comfortable reading
  • Long battery life of 8 hours or longer
  • Lightweight design for easy transport

Thankfully, many powerful yet slim laptops are now on the market designed with mobility in mind. Choose one that suits your budget and computing preferences. 


Consider processing speed, memory, storage space, screen size, battery life, durability, and price point. Then research popular options within your budget that match your desired vital specifications and features. With this information, you'll be ready to select the perfect laptop to power your success in the new school year.

The back-to-school 2023 season is a flurry of preparation. Take it one step at a time using these tips and checklists. Here’s to a successful school year ahead.

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