WatchGuard APT Blocker 3-yr for M470 (WGM47173)


WatchGuard APT Blocker 3-yr for M470 (WGM47173)
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WatchGuard APT Blocker 3-yr for M470 (WGM47173)


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WatchGuard WGM47173

WatchGuard APT Blocker, a subscription-based security service for WatchGuard security appliances, adds another layer of protection that goes beyond signature-based antivirus to detect and block advanced malware and zero day attacks. It sends Windows executable files, Microsoft Office, PDF, and Android APK files to run in a cloud-based sandbox with code emulation to look for malware characteristics, including multiple types of evasive behavior.

WatchGuard APT Blocker is a software licensing solution designed to provide advanced threat protection for networks. It helps detect and prevent sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring your network remains secure.
The license validation period for WatchGuard APT Blocker for Firebox M470 is 3 years. This means you can enjoy advanced threat protection for an extended period without the need for frequent renewals.
WatchGuard APT Blocker enhances network security by leveraging advanced threat detection techniques to identify and block sophisticated cyber threats. It provides an additional layer of defense against malware, ransomware, and other malicious activities, ensuring your network remains protected.
Yes, WatchGuard APT Blocker is specifically designed for Firebox M470. It seamlessly integrates with the Firebox platform, providing advanced threat protection tailored to the capabilities of the M470 model.
The main benefits of using WatchGuard APT Blocker include enhanced network security, protection against sophisticated cyber threats, proactive threat detection, reduced risk of malware infections, and peace of mind knowing your network is safeguarded against advanced attacks.

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