Overland-tandberg 1 Year Ars Warranty Extension For Rdx Hdd Media (T09519-SVC)


Overland-tandberg 1 Year Ars Warranty Extension For Rdx Hdd Media (T09519-SVC)
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Overland-tandberg 1 Year Ars Warranty Extension For Rdx Hdd Media (T09519-SVC)


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Overland-Tandberg T09519-SVC

As the trusted global provider of primary and archival data storage solutions, Overland-Tandberg offers NEO and RDX data management and backup solutions that are backed by world-class service and support. OverlandCare uplift and extension support offerings serve as a complement to the standard OverlandCare product warranty associated with each product, ensuring that our customers have the optimal level of service and support required to meet their particular needs.

The warranty extension covers the 4th or 5th year of your Overland-Tandberg RDX HDD Media, providing advanced replacement service and technical support.
The warranty extension is valid for 1 year, ensuring continued coverage and support for your RDX HDD Media.
Absolutely! This warranty extension offers peace of mind and extended coverage for your storage solution, regardless of your technical expertise.
Yes, Overland-Tandberg provides reliable technical support throughout the extended warranty period, ensuring prompt assistance for any issues you may encounter.
In the event of a warranty claim, the advanced replacement service ensures that a replacement RDX HDD Media will be shipped to you promptly, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted data storage.
Yes, you can purchase multiple warranty extensions to extend the coverage of your Overland-Tandberg RDX HDD Media beyond the initial warranty period.
No, the warranty extension is non-transferable and is only valid for the original purchaser of the Overland-Tandberg RDX HDD Media.
No, the warranty extension must be purchased before the expiration of the initial warranty period to ensure continuous coverage.
No, the warranty extension does not cover accidental damage. It provides coverage for defects in materials and workmanship during the specified period.
Please refer to our refund policy for detailed information on canceling the warranty extension and potential refund eligibility.
No, the remaining warranty period cannot be transferred to a new product. The warranty extension is specific to the Overland-Tandberg RDX HDD Media.
Upon purchase, you will receive instructions on how to activate the warranty extension. Follow the provided steps to ensure your extended coverage is activated.
No, this warranty extension is specifically designed for the Overland-Tandberg RDX HDD Media and may not be compatible with other products.
In the event of a failure, please contact our technical support team for assistance. They will guide you through the warranty claim process and provide necessary support.
No, additional warranty extensions cannot be purchased after the expiration of the initial extension period. Please ensure to extend the coverage before the current extension expires.

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