HPE HP IMC Ent SW Plat w/ 50 Nodes E-LTU (JG748AAE)


HPE HP IMC Ent SW Plat w/ 50 Nodes E-LTU (JG748AAE)
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HPE HP IMC Ent SW Plat w/ 50 Nodes E-LTU (JG748AAE)


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IMC Enterprise software is designed on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) using a business application flow model as its core and featuring an on-demand, modularized structure. This design enables the efficient implementation of end-to-end business management, while the software's modularity allows for the effective integration of traditionally separate management tools.

Together, they provide complete management of resources, services, and users.
IMC Enterprise Edition offers highly flexible and scalable deployment options, allowing you to manage large networks with ease. Its modular architecture enables you to add additional capabilities such as user access management, VPN management, and traffic analysis.
Yes, IMC Enterprise Edition supports third-party devices, allowing you to centrally manage all network elements regardless of the manufacturer.
Some of the key features include fault management, element configuration, network monitoring, configuration compare tools, version tracking, change alerts, and integration with third-party applications through the eAPI library.
Yes, IMC Enterprise Edition is compatible with Windows operating systems, providing a user-friendly interface for network management tasks.
Yes, IMC Enterprise Edition provides notification and download availability of the latest patches and firmware releases for HP devices, ensuring your network is up to date with the latest enhancements and security fixes.

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