HPE Foundation Care Call-To-Repair - 3 Year - Warranty (HP6J4E)


HPE Foundation Care Call-To-Repair - 3 Year - Warranty (HP6J4E)
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HPE Foundation Care Call-To-Repair - 3 Year - Warranty (HP6J4E)


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HPE Foundation Care Service is composed of comprehensive hardware and software services aimed to help increase the availability of your IT infrastructure. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) technical resources provide support and work with your IT team to help you resolve hardware and software problems with HPE and selected third-party products. For hardware products covered by HPE Foundation Care, the service includes remote diagnosis and support, as well as on-site hardware repair if it is required to resolve an issue. For eligible HPE hardware products, this service may also include Basic Software Support and Collaborative Call Management for selected non-HPE software. Contact HPE for more information and determination regarding which eligible software products may be included as part of your hardware product coverage. For software products covered by HPE Foundation Care, HPE provides remote technical support and access to software updates and patches.


HPE Foundation Care NBD Service

The warranty covers phone support and on-site repair for the HPE 5130-24G-4SFP Switch for a duration of 3 years. It ensures prompt assistance and resolution in case of any issues.
With 24x7x6 hour support, you can reach out to HPE's technical experts anytime, day or night. They will provide assistance within 6 hours, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.
Yes, this warranty covers both electronic and physical issues. Whether it's a hardware malfunction or a software-related problem, HPE's support team will help diagnose and resolve the issue.
Yes, HPE offers options to extend the warranty beyond the initial 3-year period. This allows you to continue enjoying the benefits of comprehensive support and repair services for your HPE 5130-24G-4SFP Switch.
In case of a hardware issue that requires repair, HPE will send a qualified technician to your location. This ensures that the repair is done efficiently and minimizes any inconvenience for your business.

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