HPE Foundation Care - 5 Year - Warranty (HL1P4E)


HPE Foundation Care - 5 Year - Warranty (HL1P4E)
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HPE Foundation Care - 5 Year - Warranty (HL1P4E)


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HPE Foundation Care Service is composed of comprehensive hardware and software services aimed to help increase the availability of your IT infrastructure. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) technical resources provide support and work with your IT team to help you resolve hardware and software problems with HPE and selected third-party products. For hardware products covered by HPE Foundation Care, the service includes remote diagnosis and support, as well as on-site hardware repair if it is required to resolve an issue. For eligible HPE hardware products, this service may also include Basic Software Support and Collaborative Call Management for selected non-HPE software. Contact HPE for more information and determination regarding which eligible software products may be included as part of your hardware product coverage. For software products covered by HPE Foundation Care, HPE provides remote technical support and access to software updates and patches. In addition, HPE Foundation Care provides electronic access to related product and support information, enabling any member of your IT staff to locate this commercially available essential information. For third-party products, access is subject to availability of information from the original manufacturer. You can choose from a set of reactive support levels to meet your business and operational needs. HPE Foundation Care service-level options The HPE Foundation Care options noted below are product dependent. HPE will provide the hardware support features for covered hardware products and the software support features for covered software products. Hardware support coverage windows and response times will apply to covered hardware products, and software support coverage windows and response times will apply to covered software products. All coverage windows are subject to local availability. Product eligibility may vary. Contact a local HPE sales office for detailed information on service availability and product eligibility. Regardless of your coverage window, incidents with covered hardware or software can be reported to HPE via telephone or web portal, as locally available, or as an automated equipment reporting event via the HPE electronic remote support solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For products covered by Foundation Care, HPE offers three distinct service levels: " HPE Foundation Care NBD Service " HPE Foundation Care 24x7 Service " HPE Foundation Care CTR Service
The HPE Foundation Care 5 Year Warranty provides phone support and on-site service for your Aruba 9012 TAA, ensuring prompt assistance and technical expertise.
With the HPE Foundation Care 5 Year Warranty, you can expect a 4-hour response time for phone support, ensuring quick resolution of technical issues.
Absolutely! The HPE Foundation Care 5 Year Warranty offers phone support and on-site service, making it accessible and convenient for non-technical users to receive assistance and ensure the smooth operation of their Aruba 9012 TAA.
The HPE Foundation Care 5 Year Warranty provides coverage for a period of 5 years. If you require extended warranty options, please contact HPE for further assistance.
The HPE Foundation Care 5 Year Warranty is specifically designed for the Aruba 9012 TAA. For warranty options and support for other HPE products, please refer to the respective product documentation or contact HPE for more information.

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