HPE Tech Care Critical with DMR - 4 Year - Warranty (H25Z2E)


HPE Tech Care Critical with DMR - 4 Year - Warranty (H25Z2E)
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HPE Tech Care Critical with DMR - 4 Year - Warranty (H25Z2E)


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HPE Pointnext Tech Care (HPE Tech Care) is the operational support experience for HPE hardware and software products (HPE products). HPE Tech Care helps IT teams focus on moving the business forward by proactively searching for better ways to do things, as opposed to just focusing on reactive issues. HPE Tech Care goes beyond traditional support by enabling direct access to product-specific specialists and providing general technical guidance to help Customers not only reduce risk but also continually search for ways to do things more efficiently. HPE Tech Care Customers can get help through multiple channels that include telephone, HPE moderated forums with defined response times, automated incident logging, and a real-time chat facility.
The warranty covers phone support and defective media retention for a duration of 4 years. It ensures prompt and reliable technical assistance for the HPE Simplivity380G10 6KSeries Medium Server.
With on-site warranty, you can have technical support directly at your location. This eliminates the need to ship your server for repairs, saving time and minimizing downtime.
Defective media retention allows you to keep any defective hard drives or storage media when they are replaced under warranty. This ensures the security of your data and simplifies the replacement process.
Absolutely! This warranty provides comprehensive coverage and reliable assistance, regardless of your technical expertise. You can rely on HPE's support team to guide you through any issues you may encounter.
Yes, HPE offers various warranty extension options. You can contact HPE or your authorized reseller for more information on extending the warranty beyond the initial 4-year period.

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