HP Care Pack Software Technical Support - 1 Year - Warranty (UD1J8E)


HP Care Pack Software Technical Support - 1 Year - Warranty (UD1J8E)
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HP Care Pack Software Technical Support - 1 Year - Warranty (UD1J8E)


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HP Software Support Service provides comprehensive software services for HP software and selected HP-supported third-party products. HP Software Support Service also provides access to HP technical resources for assistance in resolving software implementation or operations problems. HP releases updates to software and reference manuals as soon as they are made available. Updates for selected HP-supported third-party software products are included as they are made available from the original software manufacturer. HP Software Support Service also includes the license to use software updates for each system, socket, processor, processor core, or end user software license, as allowed by the original HP or original manufacturer software license terms. In addition, HP Software Support Service provides electronic access to related product and support information, enabling any member of your IT staff to locate this commercially available essential information. For third-party products, access is subject to availability of information from the original manufacturer.


Expedited problem resolution through trained technical HP resources:

Potentially reduces the cost of purchasing individual software updates through subscription savings:

Improved system performance and reduced downtime due to software defects:

Notification for your system managers when new software updates are made available:


Access to technical resources
Problem analysis and resolution
Escalation management
Software product and documentation updates
License to use and copy software product updates
Installation advisory support
Software features and operational support
Remote access
Problem isolation

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