Extreme Networks 97000-AH-AP-230-AC-FCC ExtremeWorks TAC OS, 1 Year Phone Support, On-site 24x7

Extreme Networks 97000-AH-AP-230-AC-FCC ExtremeWorks TAC OS, 1 Year Phone Support, On-site 24x7

Extreme Networks 97000-AH-AP-230-AC-FCC ExtremeWorks TAC OS, 1 Year Phone Support, On-site 24x7

Extreme Networks 97000-AH-AP-230-AC-FCC

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Product Key Features

  • Brand: Extreme Networks
  • Manufacturer: Extreme Networks, Inc
  • Service Type: ExtremeWorks TAC OS
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 97000-AH-AP-230-AC-FCC
  • Support: Phone Support
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Location: On-site
  • Product Supported: Extreme Networks AH-AP-230-AC-FCC
  • Main Type: Technical
  • Description: 24x7
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Extreme Networks 97000-AH-AP-230-AC-FCC

ExtremeWorks Maintenance Services Means No Boundaries for Problem-Solving

Expert knowledge at your fingertips

Gain the permanent networking expertise you need when things go wrong and take advantage of an engineering knowledge pool with extensive industry tenure.

Unburden your staff

Relieve your IT team from the demands of unfamiliar crisis scenarios and redirect their efforts to the projects that best align with their talents and existing skill set.

Support when you need it

Count on an expert support team. No matter who you talk with, they're wearing an Extreme Networks badge.

Whiteglove service

Rely on consistent first person resolution. If you call ExtremeWorks with a problem, we won't transfer you from tier-to-tier. Your dedicated engineer will close your case.

The service includes 24x7 technical phone support for your Extreme Networks AH-AP-230-AC-FCC wireless access point. You'll have expert assistance for network troubleshooting, optimization, and maintenance.
Yes, the service includes on-site support, ensuring that any technical issues with your AH-AP-230-AC-FCC access point can be resolved quickly and efficiently.
Absolutely! With this service, you'll have access to expert guidance and assistance in enhancing the security of your network, ensuring that your data and devices are protected from potential threats.
The service duration is 1 year, providing you with ongoing support and assistance for your AH-AP-230-AC-FCC wireless access point throughout the specified period.
Yes, the service is provided by Extreme Networks, the manufacturer of the AH-AP-230-AC-FCC access point, ensuring that you receive reliable support and assistance backed by the company's warranty.
By having access to 24x7 technical phone support and expert assistance, you can quickly resolve any network issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity for your organization.
Yes, the service includes network optimization guidance and assistance, helping you achieve optimal performance from your AH-AP-230-AC-FCC access point and ensuring smooth and efficient network operations.
Absolutely! The service is designed to provide friendly and understandable support for users of all technical levels, ensuring that you can easily access the assistance you need without any technical jargon.
The service offers reliable technical support, expert assistance, enhanced network security, optimized network performance, and on-site service, ensuring that your AH-AP-230-AC-FCC access point operates at its best.
Yes, the service includes 24x7 technical phone support, allowing you to receive guidance and assistance in troubleshooting any network issues you may encounter with your AH-AP-230-AC-FCC access point.
Yes, the service is designed to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, providing reliable support and assistance for the AH-AP-230-AC-FCC access point, regardless of the scale of your network infrastructure.

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