Extreme Networks 5520 48-port 90w PoE Switch (5520-48W)

Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks 5520 48-port 90w PoE Switch (5520-48W)
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Extreme Networks 5520 48-port 90w PoE Switch (5520-48W)

Extreme Networks

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Extreme Networks 5520-48W

The ExtremeSwitching 5520 Series is a family of high-performance, feature-rich edge and aggregation switches designed for the nextgeneration digital enterprise. The 5520 Series universal hardware provides end-to-end secure network segmentation, in addition to advanced policy capabilities, and offers a user-selectable choice of Extreme's flagship switch operating systems. This makes the 5520 a uniquely flexible platform that can be deployed across a range of edge, aggregation and wiring-closet environments.

The 5520 Series includes 24- and 48-port 1 Gigabit models, 1/2.5/5 Gigabit multi-rate models, as well as a 24-port 10 Gigabit model. The family also offers 30/60/90W PoE making it an ideal wired backend for wireless APs or in support of next-gen powered Ethernet devices, such as digital signage, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, smart lighting or point-of-sale terminals. The 5520 further supports 10G and 25G modular uplinks for flexible linkage to other switches or devices over a range of media.

Universal Hardware Platform

The 5520 Series as a universal hardware platform comes with a dual-persona capability allowing user choice of the switch operating system (OS). Either the ExtremeXOS or VSP Operating System (VOSS) persona can be enabled on 5520 hardware models. The desired persona can be selected at start-up or changed at a later stage. Once selected, the 5520 assumes the features/capabilities of the selected OS.

The 5520 persona activation can be done manually at bootup, including via the system CLI. Or, it can be automated by pre-provisioning the 5520 persona in ExtremeCloud IQ. When first booted, the 5520 automatically connects to ExtremeCloud IQ to find its persona. The pre-provisioned OS persona is then remotely enabled on the 5520 system- eliminating the need for manual selection.

Power Over Ethernet

The 5520 Series includes Power over Ethernet (PoE) models with standards-based IEEE 802.3bt (30/60/90W) PoE support. This enables the 5520 to address the needs of powered edge devices, while eliminating the need for additional electrical cabling and circuits. 5520 PoE models also support perpetual and fast PoE for even more efficient and reliable powered edge device operation.

VIM Options for Flexible Uplinks

Versatile Interface Modules (VIMs) on the 5520 provide flexible uplink capabilities - with 5520 models offering a single VIM slot for this purpose. VIM options include 4-port 10Gb or 25Gb modules that include LRM and 256-bit MACsec support.

Ethernet Fabric Services

The 5520 supports a variety of Ethernet Fabric services, including Extreme's Fabric Connect when running VOSS and Extreme's IP Fabric when running ExtremeXOS. It also supports Fabric Attach for automated connection to either Layer 2 or Layer 3 fabric services. Extreme's Fabric Connect and IP Fabric on the 5520 enable the creation of virtualized networks that automate network operations, simplify network provisioning and enhance security, all while reducing the strain on network and IT personnel.

High-Performance Stacking

The 5520 also supports high-speed 160Gb stacking when running ExtremeXOS via its two built-in QSFP28 ports. Up to eight systems can be stacked using qualified QSFP+ direct attach cables and optical transceivers.

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Yes, the switch supports expansion slots, including Versatile Interface Module (VIM) and QSFP28 slots, allowing you to expand the network capacity as needed.
Yes, the switch is manageable, providing you with control and configuration options for your network.
Yes, the switch has stack ports, allowing you to stack multiple switches together for enhanced network performance and management.
Absolutely! The switch has uplink ports, enabling you to connect external devices and expand your network connectivity.
Yes, the switch has a rack-mountable form factor, making it easy to install and integrate into your existing network infrastructure.
Yes, the switch supports redundant power supply, ensuring uninterrupted power and reliability for your network operations.
The switch offers versatile performance, reliable connectivity, and flexible networking options. It provides high-speed data transfer, network expansion capabilities, and easy management. With its redundant power supply and rack-mountable design, it ensures network security and stability.


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