AVOCENT 1 YR GLD HW Maintenance SV Secure (SC620,SC840D,SC845D,SC840H,SC845H,SC840,SC845,SCKM140,SCKM145,SC920XD) (1YGLD-SVSC1200)


AVOCENT 1 YR GLD HW Maintenance SV Secure (SC620,SC840D,SC845D,SC840H,SC845H,SC840,SC845,SCKM140,SCKM145,SC920XD) (1YGLD-SVSC1200)

AVOCENT 1 YR GLD HW Maintenance SV Secure (SC620,SC840D,SC845D,SC840H,SC845H,SC840,SC845,SCKM140,SCKM145,SC920XD) (1YGLD-SVSC1200)


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When additional product support is required, Vertiv Avocent Extended Warranty coverage can provide the peace of mind you need. A 1 Year Gold Hardware Extended Warranty is available for Vertiv Cybex SC 800/900 Series Secure Desktop KVM Switches. The hardware extended warranty includes return material authorization (RMA) and phone support. Hardware maintenance offers product updates, extended tech support and expedited product returns. Advanced next-business-day replacement unit delivered prior to shipping failed unit to Vertiv. Advanced replacement with media retention allows customer to keep dead unit and send a certificate of destruction within a set period of time.

The warranty includes 24x7xNext Business Day support, providing replacement and phone support for your AVOCENT SwitchView.
The AVOCENT 1 Year Gold Support - Extended Warranty provides coverage for 1 year from the date of purchase.
The main benefit is the peace of mind knowing that your AVOCENT SwitchView is protected and supported by comprehensive maintenance services, ensuring its security and reliability.
Absolutely! The 24x7xNext Business Day support ensures that you will receive prompt assistance and replacement if needed, minimizing any downtime.
Yes, the Gold Support - Extended Warranty includes phone support, allowing you to reach out to AVOCENT's knowledgeable support team for any technical assistance you may require.
Yes, the AVOCENT 1 Year Gold Support - Extended Warranty covers both electronic and physical components of the SwitchView, providing comprehensive maintenance and support.
Unfortunately, this specific warranty is valid for 1 year only. However, AVOCENT may offer other warranty options for longer coverage periods. It's recommended to check with AVOCENT for further details.
To initiate a warranty claim, you can contact AVOCENT's customer support team via phone or email. They will guide you through the process and provide the necessary assistance.
The AVOCENT 1 Year Gold Support - Extended Warranty is typically non-transferable. It is advisable to review the warranty terms and conditions or contact AVOCENT directly for any specific transferability options.
No, the AVOCENT 1 Year Gold Support - Extended Warranty does not cover accidental damage. It primarily focuses on maintenance, replacement, and phone support for the SwitchView.
It is recommended to purchase the warranty at the same time as the SwitchView or within the specified timeframe provided by AVOCENT. However, it's best to check with AVOCENT regarding any options for purchasing the warranty after the initial purchase.

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