Aruba Foundation Care - Extended Warranty - 1 Year - Warranty (HW1D5E)


Aruba Foundation Care - Extended Warranty - 1 Year - Warranty (HW1D5E)
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Aruba Foundation Care - Extended Warranty - 1 Year - Warranty (HW1D5E)


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Aruba HW1D5E


HPE Foundation Care Exchange Service combines popular remote hardware and software services that enable you to increase the availability of your IT infrastructure. Hewlett Packard Enterprise technical resources work with your IT team to help you to resolve hardware and software problems on your HPE products. Hardware exchange offers a reliable and fast parts exchange service for eligible Hewlett Packard Enterprise products. Specifically targeted at products that can easily be shipped and on which you can easily restore data from backup files, HPE Foundation Care Exchange is a cost-efficient and convenient alternative to onsite support. Hardware exchange provides a replacement product or part delivered free of freight charges to your location within a specified period of time. Replacement products or parts are new or equivalent to new in performance.


May contribute to improved system performance and reduced downtime

The Aruba Foundation Care - Extended Warranty provides comprehensive coverage, including replacement of faulty hardware, phone support for troubleshooting, remote diagnosis for quick issue resolution, and updates for new releases.
This warranty offers 1 year of coverage, ensuring your Aruba AP-505HR is protected for an extended period.
The service is provided at a service depot, ensuring professional handling and efficient resolution of any issues.
Yes, this warranty is specifically designed for the HPE Aruba AP-505HR, providing tailored support and ensuring optimal performance.
The service response time for this warranty is 4 hours, ensuring quick replacement of faulty hardware and minimizing downtime.
Yes, you can contact our support team to explore options for extending the warranty beyond the initial 1-year coverage.

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