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100Gb/s QSFP28 Optical Transceiver - (MMA1B00-C100D)

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Mellanox® MMA1B00-C100 is a 4-channel, pluggable, QSFP28 optical transceiver, designed for use in 100Gb/s Ethernet. This module incorporates Mellanox integrated circuit technology, in order to provide high performance at low power. The transceiver operates over parallel multi-mode (MMF) ribbon fiber, using a nominal wavelength of 850nm, and is SFF-8665 compliant.

The MMA1B00-C100 has a standard QSFP28 connector on the electrical side towards the host system supporting CAUI-4. The optical interface is composed of four optical channels/fibers in each direction, intended for a parallel multi-mode optical cable via a standard MPO connector. Each channel/fiber operates at signaling rates up to 25.78125 GBd.

The MMA1B00-C100D transceiver has DDM functions implemented for reading the following key parameters with associated warning and alarm thresholds:

-Temperature with warning/alarm

-Supply voltage with warning/alarm

-Laser bias current

-Transmitted optical power with warning/alarm

-Received optical power with warning/alarm

Rigorous production testing ensures the best out-of-the-box installation experience, performance, and durability.

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