What is Netgear XSM Series? Who Should Buy?

Mar 21, 2023 | Elif VURAL

What is Netgear XSM Series? Who Should Buy?

The Netgear XSM series has many capabilities and features designed to meet the demands of modern business networks, making it a must-have for any organization, small to large. The indispensable switch series for the technology & networking industries offers exceptional speed, security, reliability and high performance. Large organizations, data centers, and any business that needs high-bandwidth connectivity and mission-critical network performance needs a switch series like the Netgear XSM series. 

First of all, let's get to know Netgear briefly!

Netgear is a long-established multinational computer networking and technology company headquartered in California. Providing network solutions for both individual users and businesses of all sizes, the company develops and manufactures routers, switches, security cameras and many more. Netgear has always been one step ahead of its competitors thanks to its high commitment to innovations.

What makes Netgear more than a networking company is their focus on security. The company, which also attaches importance to sustainability and social responsibilities, offers a solution for anyone looking for any network equipment.

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In Which Fields Are Netgear XSM Switches Used?

Netgear XSM Series is highly scalable. This means we can increase ports as network involvement and needs increase. The switches can support up to 96 ports with the ability to stack up to 8 for a total of 768 ports. In fact, this makes the XSM Series a great option for companies with growth plans.

Data centers or any growing business that needs high-performance networking and advanced security features can use the Netgear XSM Series to maximize network security and sustainability.

A key feature of the Netgear XSM Series is its advanced Layer 3 switching capability. Layer 3 routes traffic between different networks, making it ideal for organizations with multiple locations or complex network topologies. Switches also reduce downtime by optimizing network performance. To do this, advanced networking protocols such as BGP, OSPF and VRRP are used.

Let's Review XSM Products One by One:

XSM PRo M4300


Netgear ProSafe XSM4324CS 24X Layer 3 Switch


Netgear ProSafe XSM4324CS 24X Layer 3 Switch is a powerful and versatile networking solution designed to meet the demands of modern businesses.

The XSM4324CS switch is designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring advanced power management capabilities that help reduce power consumption and lower your energy costs. The switch includes a range of advanced security features, such as Access Control Lists (ACLs), DHCP Snooping, and IP Source Guard, to help protect your network from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

The XSM4324CS switch comes equipped with 24 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, ensuring lightning-fast connectivity that can handle even the most demanding network traffic. With Layer 3 routing support, this switch can handle complex network configurations and advanced routing protocols with ease.

Thanks to Netgear's intuitive web-based management interface, configuring and managing the XSM4324CS switch is a breeze. Plus, with support for SNMP, RMON, and other management protocols, you can easily integrate this switch into your existing network management infrastructure. With support for up to 384 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 32 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, this switch is highly scalable and can grow with your business's needs.


Netgear XSM4324FS Ethernet Switch (XSM4324FS-100NES)


Netgear XSM4324FS Ethernet Switch is one of the best solutions for all your networking needs. Ideal for offices and classrooms that require low noise levels, the XSM4324FS is equipped with advanced security features such as Access Control Lists (ACLs) and 802.1X port authentication that ensure only authorized users can access the network.

Netgear XSM4324FS comes with 24 ports with a maximum data transfer rate of up to 10 Gbps. This means that all devices can get smooth internet connection, easily handling heavy network traffic.

Configuring and managing this ethernet switch is done with a simple web-based user interface. If you want, you can remotely configure your network settings and monitor data.

One of the best things about the Switch is that it's designed with energy-efficient features like Auto Power-down and Cable Length Detection. Unused ports are automatically closed, preventing energy wastage and saving money. Built to last thanks to both the fanless design and the durable metal casing, the Netgear Switch is one of the best of its kind in ensuring customers can avoid potential costs.


Netgear M4309 Stackable Managed Switch (XSM4324S-100NES)

XSM M4309

With its impressive range of features and capabilities, the Netgear M4309 is ready to provide a secure and fast internet connection to meet your business needs. Switch settings are easy to configure and manage with an intuitive web-based user interface. Thanks to its 10G feature, we can safely choose the M4309 Stackable Managed Switch for data-intensive operations.

The stackable design allows us to simply expand the network as needs grow. Advanced security features including Access Control Lists (ACLs), 802.1X port authentication and more ensure that the network remains secure and hack-proof at all times. Thanks to this switch, which has various power savings, you do not worry about energy waste.


Netgear XSM4316S Stackable Managed Switch

XSM M4316S

Netgear XSM4316S is a switch developed to help you have lightning fast internet connection while providing robust security and management features to keep your data safe. The Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) policy has brought energy saving features to the switch that will both reduce your carbon footprint and help you lower your electricity bills.

The switch has advanced security measures such as port security, ACLs, DoS prevention, and preventing unauthorized access. Stacking up to 8 units offers a great level of flexibility and scalability for businesses that continue to grow.

XSM4316S Stackable Managed Switch's 16 10G ports and 48 1G ports enable even the heaviest network traffic to be managed. Even if multiple applications are running at the same time that consume high download & upload bandwidth, your network will continue to run smoothly with the XSM4316S.

The switch has a web-based interface where you can easily configure VLANs, QoS and other advanced features. The comprehensive warranty keeps the customer safe in case of both hardware and software problems.


Netgear ProSafe M4300-48X Layer3 Switch (XSM4348S-100NES)

The ProSafe M4300-48X is an affordable yet powerful and flexible switch solution. Offering 10G connection speed in addition to many security features, the switch will run your network at the highest possible performance with the support of advanced features such as DHCP snooping, IPv4/IPv6 routing and QoS.

This Layer3 switch with 48 ports supports stacking up to 384 ports. In this way, you can continue to benefit from Netgear's solutions as your needs increase. With industry standard management tools such as RMON and SNMP, you can easily take control of your network and manage the switch remotely.

Netgear ProSafe M4300-48X Layer3 Switch is one of the most economical Netgear XSM options with its energy saving capability and affordable price.


Netgear M4300-48XF Stackable 10G Managed Switch (XSM4348FS)


Any business looking for a high-performance stackable switch should check out the M4300-48XF. The switch, which reduces power consumption and focuses on energy saving, can be easily configured and managed with features such as QoS, VLAN, LACP and more. 48 connection points provide a data transfer rate of up to 10 Gbps.

Netgear Stackable Switch, which keeps your network running without any interruption, also opens the way for you to use the internet safely and quickly at any time with high protection against unauthorized access.


Netgear ProSafe M4300 48G Managed Switch (XSM4348CS-100NES)


The Netgear ProSafe M4300 48G Managed Switch (XSM4348CS-100NES) is a powerful and feature-packed switch that is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses.

This switch is easy to manage thanks to its intuitive web-based interface and support for SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). You can quickly configure and monitor your network from a central location, saving you time and effort. This switch supports PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus), which allows you to power devices such as IP cameras, VoIP phones, and wireless access points directly from the switch. This simplifies the network infrastructure, eliminating the need for individual power supplies.

The Layer 3 features supported by the M4300 enable static routing, dynamic routing and policy-based routing, enabling you to create efficient and optimized networking. It also has advanced security features such as 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports, DHCP Snooping.

Built with high quality components, the Switch will last a long time and ensure you get the most out of your investment. You should know that you are backed by Netgear's ProSafe Lifetime Warranty in case of any problem.


Netgear AV Line M4250-16XF Managed Switch (XSM4216F-100NAS)


The features of the AV Line M4250-16XF premium switch make it ideal for video surveillance, digital signage and other demanding applications. RMON and SNMP management support and intuitive web interface make the switch easy to setup and manage. Security measures offered by the Netgear AV Line switch include MAC authentication, DoS attack prevention, and port-based security.

The switch has 16 10G SFP+ fiber ports and 2 10G/1G copper ports. Specializing in providing smooth and uninterrupted data transfer, the switch also provides energy efficiency with the EEE protocol. When all this is added to the fanless design for quiet operation, the AV Line M4250-16XF can be considered among the best XSM options for businesses.


Netgear M4300-96X Fully Managed Modular Network Switch


Netgear's M4300-96X switch is an energy efficient modular network switch developed to provide superior performance, flexibility and scalability for even the most demanding networks. No need to be a network expert to configure and manage the M4300-96X with both a web and command line interface.

This fully modular switch allows you to customize it at any time by adding and removing modules to meet any of your different needs. With 10G and 40G Ethernet and 96 ports, the switch has many advanced security features from IP Source Guard to ACLs. Being both modular and scalable, you can continue to expand your network as you grow your business without having to invest in new switches. The M4300-96X Switch includes advanced features such as Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack) and Redundant Power Supply (RPS) support to ensure high availability and minimize downtime.

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