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The Best KVM Switches of 2023

The Best KVM Switches of 2023

According to improving tech literature KVM switch is a multipurpose piece which connects all the PCs, keyboards, video monitors, and mouse. Here is why: You can switch effortlessly between several systems just with a silky touch of a button. And more, it is a lifesaver when it comes to desk space and other unattractive elements. 

KVM Switchbox

Best KVM Switch Types   

KVM Switchboxes and KVM Consoles and Extenders are the two major KVM options to pick in 2023.  

  1. KVM Switchbox 
    A very-well known KVM Switch of 2023 is the KVM Switchbox that allows users to operate within multiple PCs using just a single keyboard, video monitor, and mouse. TAA-compliant secure series is the pick of the bunch for IT environments.
  2. KVM Consoles/Extenders  
    KVM Console/Extenders succeed, protected and locked data sharing among numerous systems in high-security organizations. They distribute the connection to whole system computers through a network by means of high-quality standards.
KVM Switches

The Best USB KVM Switches of 2023  

  • Tripp Lite 10 ft. USB/PS2 Cable Kit for KVM Switches B040 and B042 Series: KVM cable kit is the best choice for all companies. You will get the highest quality alongside KVM systems. On the KVM Switch, HD15 male cable is utilized. All cables are supreme stress relief for EMI/RFI protection.
  • Tripp Lite 6 ft USB/PS2 Cable Kit for KVM: To connect a USB or PS2 desktop to this switch, you require to use the 6 ft. KVM cable. The kit consists of a monitor cable, a USB cable, a PS/2 keyboard, and mouse cable that creates the easiest cable management.
  • TRENDnet 2-Port USB KVM Switchbox: This KVM switchbox allows users to share a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor with two computers. With the 2-Port USB KVM Switch, you can control two PCs using just one KVM. The KVM switch is fired by the KVM cables indeed. It enables switching between two PCs with the click of a button.
  • StarTech USB KVM Cable for KVM Switch, 6 ft: Both of the USB and VGA KVM switch cables are designed skillfully with high-quality components. Like all cables, this one has a lifetime warranty as well.
KVM Switches

The Best HDMI KVM Switches of 2023 

  • StarTech SV431DHD4KU 4 Port 4K HDMI KVM Switch: With just a single mouse, keyboard, and monitor, you can start to control four HDMI computers using this incredible device. This gadget is compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux computers. A 2-port USB and 3.5 mm audio are also included and support 4K-30Hz resolutions. Moreover, it maintains dual HDMI displays. If you are interested in graphics, then this KVM Switch can be the right and proper one for you!
  • SIIG 2x1 Dual View HDMI KVM Switch: The device is the best choice if you want to take the advantage of two displays, like a laptop and a PC monitor. You are in charge of controlling two 4K HDMI computers using a single keyboard, mouse, and/or microphone.
  • StarTech 2 Port 4K HDMI KVM Switch: This KVM Switch is the perfect solution for anyone, who desires for multiple HDMI and 4K capable devices.
  • Tripp Lite 4K HDMI KVM Switchbox: The Tripp Lite 4K HDMI KVM switch box offers a far away powerful option than all other devices.

VGA KVM Switches

The Best VGA KVM Switch of 2023

  • ATEN 16-Port PS/2-USB VGA KVM Switchbox: This KVM gadget is an absolute solution for users who search for a hi level of control over various devices, uniquely for small offices and/or home offices. It can be said that by this KVM switch, you will reach all of your demands that you expect from a KVM.
  • IOGEAR 4-Port USB VGA KVM Switch: with this switch, additional cables are totally out of necessity! Since the switch itself includes USB KVM cables and plus a remote switch apart. It supports Windows, Sun, and Mac. This VGA KVM Switch is just a plug and play one which means no software to install and run.
  • The ATEN CS22U 2-Port USB VGA KVM Switch: It is a switch with two ports which stands just on the dot at the market and is also very easy to install in particular. There is no need for additional software and power source.
  • StarTech SV211USB 2 Port VGA Cable KVM Switchbox: This is all you need! It is just an easy and ready-to-use device. This VGA USB KVM switch helps you to organize your desk and lets you say ‘Bye Bye All the Mass!’
  • TRENDnet 4-Port USB VGA KVM Switch Kit: It is a much more advanced kit for managing multiple computers. Here is the 4-Port USB VGA KVM Switch that permits users can start controlling 4 PCs directly, indeed. The KVM cables also provide the basic power to the KVM switch. By means of ‘no need’ for a power adapter.

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