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Must-Have Products for Small and Medium Businesses

Must-Have Products for Small and Medium Businesses

The security of the data is very important for any business to grow, reach more customers and expand to new areas. Making the business process smoothly, taking precautions against unexpected or possible faults will ensure the safety of your completed and uncompleted work. Investing in the right network and storage products is crucial for the success and security of your small or medium-sized business.

Continuity is Important in your business!

Unfortunately, power outages that may occur due to natural disasters such as floods, accidents, storms, earthquakes or other reasons are unfortunately inevitable. Although a power outage is an unavoidable problem, it is possible to minimize the damage you incur due to a power outage.

UPS, which is a hardware that protects both your data and computers against power cuts, also prevents electrical current problems such as brownout, blackout and power spikes from damaging your devices.

UPS systems have different capacities. While the small UPS system is sufficient to provide power to several personal devices, large systems can safely back up the devices in offices and provide enough power to turn off. The devices that require you to use UPS in your business can be listed as follows:

  • Desktop computers,
  • Servers,
  • NAS devices,
  • Network equipments.

The benefits of UPS to businesses can be listed as follows:

  • protect your server rooms and data center,
  • minimize data loss,
  • escape from the down time,
  • prevent security violations.

Fast Internet For Employees and Devices!

Do not be under the misconception that you need to provide services in an area related to the internet industry in order for your business to need fast internet. No matter what industry you operate in, you need a fast, consistent and stable internet connection for your employees to do their jobs efficiently.

Internet-connected devices in businesses are no longer limited to computers. Smartphones, laptops, printers, tablet PCs and even coffee makers need an internet connection. While Ethernet cable used to be a necessity, now we can see all our work with WiFi. However, hardware such as Wireless Router and Access Point are needed for all tens of devices to have a fast and stable internet connection.

An Access Point is a network device used to create a WLAN in any area. The device works connected to a hub, a wired router, or an Ethernet cable to the switch.

A router is a device that connects two or more networks or subnets. A router allows multiple devices to use the same internet connection efficiently at the same time.

Fast computers are required for some units

Computers have long been advanced devices that play a key role in accelerating business operations. No matter what industry you operate in, you need fast computers to run your organizations quickly and efficiently, perform effective teamwork, and communicate easily with customers.

Computers are needed to plan and bring business ideas to life. Computers are essential for creating data analytics, marketing, doing calculations, being discoverable online, selling products and services, and more. In addition, having computers with high computing power to edit the created campaigns with images, videos and graphics will significantly increase work efficiency.

Multicenter Companies Should Have Servers

Businesses that grow their businesses, employ more staff, and expand also need more hardware equipment. Servers are needed to increase the efficiency and productivity of the devices.

Servers allow to store and manage data on the network and then forward it to workstations. In addition, servers with advanced security, backup and recovery features are the best way to keep your data safe from viruses and other cyber attacks.

If you want to ensure the continued growth of your business, you need to be able to access your data remotely when needed. Servers offer you remote access by providing you with maximum flexibility.

A workplace without a printer is unthinkable!

It may be a good idea to host your documents in an online cloud storage or on your own server. But multifaceted businesses are more successful when they include printed materials in their business plans. In your business, you may suddenly need to invoice for a customer. In this case, having one printer would save your life.

You may be required to keep hard copies of online documents. You can use office printers to print documents of important company data or personal data that you cannot afford to lose.

Also, no matter how advanced online marketing methods are and businesses are now adopting innovative approaches, traditional promotions are still very powerful. Do not limit your marketing activities to online markets only, occasionally use printers to print physical printed materials. Booklets and brochures should be included in your marketing strategies.

IP Phones Are Still Used To Strengthen Communication!

The best technology in business and office communication is still IP phones. VoIP services allow you to make phone calls over the internet. This not only reduces telecommunication costs, but also increases staff productivity.

VoIP provides enhanced security as it has advanced identity management and encryptions. IP phones can also be integrated with various business systems so you can increase operational efficiency.

Among the most obvious benefits of VoIP for your business are employees' secure access to fax, voice and data services from anywhere. In addition, making international phone calls over the internet is many times cheaper than using analog or digital phones.

Everything is More Practical with KVM Switchboxes

The KVM switch provides the ability to switch between different computers while using the same peripherals. KVM, which is the abbreviation of the words Keyboard, Video and Mouse, enables to use more than one PC with a single keyboard, mouse and monitor. You can use the switch to switch from one PC to another.

KVM switchboxes save both peripherals and space. Modern KVM switchboxes also include switches such as audio, USB, Thunderbolt, HDMI, and more.

You Always Need Spare Cables and Cable Managers

Sometimes you can feel like the office is grappling with a tangle of cables. So many devices are wired into electrical outlets that not arranging them with a cable manager can sometimes create problems. In the production studio, office, data center, or any retail space, cable management offers multiple benefits to your business.

Thanks to spare cables and cable managers, you keep your working environment cleaner, prevent time loss due to cable tangles, prevent security problems arising from cable tangles, save money and provide a better first impression to your customers.

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