We Use Carbon Neutral Shipping for Nature

Nov 17, 2022 | Ömer Özer

We Use Carbon Neutral Shipping for Nature

When transporting items from one place to another, transport ships, airplanes, and other cargo vehicles release toxic greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. As Network Hardwares, we use Carbon Neutral Shipping to reduce carbon emissions from transportation.

What is Carbon Neutral Shipping?

 In the globalized world, carbon emissions released into the atmosphere are increasing day by day. In particular, companies engaged in intercontinental trade are taking some innovative initiatives to reduce their carbon emissions. The Carbon Neutral Shipping application is one of them.

Carbon-neutral shipping is an innovative application that supports companies that reduce the carbon emissions released to the world and recycle the carbon generated in all your shipments.

The greenhouse gases spent in the delivery of your orders and released to nature are aimed to be withdrawn from the atmosphere with the support of all collaborative e-commerce companies that support the carbon-neutral shipping application.

If the website you shop from is a member of the Planet application, it will have the icon in the image below.


Sites and businesses where you see this mark use Carbon Neutral Shipping when posting. In this way, they contribute in  lowering carbon emissions.

There are different methods of reducing carbon dioxide emissions:

  • Using recyclable packaging
  • Using carbon-neutral shipping options
  • Reducing the use of unnecessary plastic and paper
  • By encouraging carbon neutral shipping or innovative initiatives that recycle carbon absorption

How Carbon Neutral Shipping Works?

With the Planet application, we strengthen our support for reducing carbon emissions. With the Planet application in all products purchased from our website, we support new-generation companies that recycle carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it. This way, we aim to leave a cleaner world for future generations.

We can also analyze our company's carbon footprint and how much greenhouse gas we clean from the atmosphere. We do not pass all these costs on to any of our customers.

Support the use of Carbon Neutral Shipping for a clean future!

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