Best Wireless Keyboards 2023 (PC - Mac - PS5 - Tablet)

Feb 9, 2023 | Elif VURAL

Best Wireless Keyboards 2023 (PC - Mac - PS5 - Tablet)

If you're using a portable device like an iPad or tablet, or just tired of the clutter of cables, the wireless keyboard is perfect for you. However, not all wireless keyboards are of the same quality, and these keyboards have more than one connection type. That's why we're going to list the best wireless keyboards along with why they're the best and what features they have.

best wireless keyboards
Which Wired & Wireless Keyboard is best?

We evaluated the keyboards based on build quality, tactile and overall gaming and typing experiences. Thanks to both 2.4 GHz wireless communication protocols and Bluetooth, wireless peripherals can work efficiently, effectively and without delay. So which one is right for you, should you choose a wired or wireless model?
What is the disadvantage of wireless keyboard?
As you can imagine, the biggest drawback of the wireless keyboard is the battery problem. You should change the batteries of these peripherals that work without being connected to a power source. If you are late in changing the batteries, the performance of the keyboard will decrease. Also, buying new batteries regularly can get expensive over time.
The other downside is that wireless keyboards are likely to be slower than wired ones. Although this problem has been almost completely overcome with new technologies, wireless keyboards may rarely experience lag in tasks that require extreme precision and speed. In particular, Bluetooth sometimes causes connection problems.

What are the advantages of wired keyboard?

You won't experience interference or lag as the wired keyboard is directly connected to your PC.
Carrying spare batteries can be tedious if you plan to work on the go. A wired keyboard doesn't need batteries or charging, while a wireless keyboard might let you down when its battery runs out.
Wireless Keyboards for iMac
Having a wireless keyboard for iMac will increase your productivity and make you work more efficiently. You'll get the maximum performance out of your iMac if you choose a compact and lightweight wireless keyboard for comfortable typing even during long sessions.

Logitech MX Keys Mini for MAC Wireless Keyboard (920-010389)

Logitech MX Keys Mini is a lightweight and compact Mac keyboard you can take anywhere. The main advantage of this keyboard, which weighs only 506 g, is that it uses rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries.
The keyboard has good lighting that turns on automatically in the dark. If you do not use the keyboard for a certain period of time, its backlight will turn off. This keyboard, which does not have a numeric keypad, can work with macOS 10.15 and higher operating system versions.

To examine the product in detail: Logitech MX Keys Mini

Logitech K380 Multi-device Bluetooth Keyboard (920-009600)

With an attractive design, this keyboard does not take up much space and is made of very durable materials. The K380, which is quite sufficient to perform basic functions, has a round shaped keypad.
You can pair Logitech K380 with up to 3 different devices and choose from multiple color options. Rechargeable batteries have a life of 24 months.

To examine the product in detail: Logitech K380

Macally Quick Switch Bluetooth Keyboard for Three Devices

Macallu Quick Switch Bluetooth Keyboard can be connected to up to 3 Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously. You can take this thin, small and stylish keyboard with you on your travels.
The keyboard, which also has the Quiet typing feature, works with 2 AAA batteries.

To examine the product in detail: Macally Quick Switch Bluetooth Keyboard

Best Wireless Keyboards for Tablets

Wireless keyboards for tablets are the first thing you need to turn a tablet into a full-fledged computer. If you want to get the highest performance while working with your tablet, you can continue to work seamlessly wherever you want with a compact keyboard you can carry with you.

Targus Compact Multi-Device Bluetooth Antimicrobial Keyboard (AKB862US)

The Targus Compact Multi-Device Bluetooth Antimicrobial Keyboard is the perfect solution for those who need to work or type on multiple devices. With its compact size, it is easy to take with you on the go and its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to switch between devices seamlessly.
The keyboard is also equipped with an antimicrobial surface that helps to reduce the growth of bacteria and germs, making it ideal for use in shared spaces or for those who are concerned about hygiene. With its comfortable, low-profile keys and built-in touchpad, this keyboard is both functional and convenient. Overall, it's an excellent choice for anyone who wants a compact, multi-device keyboard that is also easy to clean and maintain.

To examine the product in detail: Targus Compact Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Kensington Multi-Device Dual Wireless Compact Keyboard (K75502US)

Made from quality plastic, the Kensington Multi-Device Dual Wireless Compact Keyboard comes with two AAA batteries. The keyboard, which can connect and switch between three devices at the same time using Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4 GHz wireless, is a great option for those who want to turn their tablet into a workstation.
The typing feel of the keys of the keyboard is very good. Having AES-128 encryption, the device also prevents your keystrokes from being tracked by a threat actor.

To examine the product in detail: Kensington Multi-Device Dual Wireless Compact Keyboard


Best Wireless Keyboards for PS5

Although DualSense or DualShock is usually sufficient to play PlayStation games, some games become more fun when played with a keyboard and mouse. Wireless keyboards for PS5 improve the competitiveness of gamers, especially in aiming and controlling character in FPS games. When it comes to Wired vs wireless keyboards, PlayStation gamers prefer wireless.

Logitech G915 TKL Tenkeyless Lightspeed RGB Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G915 TKL is a mechanical gaming keyboard with a metal frame. The keyboard, which is very good in terms of thinness and sensitivity, also has RGB lights.
With a striking design, brushed metal frame and RGB lights that shine clearly even in daylight, this keyboard also has a programmable keypad. You can decide how you want the keyboard's lights to work, program the F keys to your liking, and disable certain keys in certain games.

To examine the product in detail: Logitech G915

Asus ROG Falchion NX Gaming Keyboard (M601 ROG FALCHION NX/NXBL/US)

Asus ROG Falchion NX is a gaming keyboard that can be used both wired and wirelessly. The most notable feature of the keyboard is the real-time battery level indicator located on the corner edge. At the same time, the key caps have a different type of font.
When you use the keyboard in wireless mode, you use it with a 4000 mAh battery that can last up to 450 hours. You can recharge these batteries and use them again.
The keyboard's box contents include a brushed aluminum keyboard cover. You can use it both to protect the keyboard from dust and dirt, and to carry it safely while traveling.

To examine the product in detail: Asus ROG Falchion NX Gaming Keyboard

Logitech K400 Plus Touchpad Keyboard (920-007119)

The Logitech K400 Plus is one of the best wireless PlayStation keyboards on the market, with both a touchpad and an affordable price. With a compact and slim design, the keyboard has a 10 m (33 feet) wireless range. The keyboard also has keys for volume control.
Wireless Keyboards for iPad
iPads have now literally turned into workstations as they start using Apple's proprietary M processors. However, the range of wireless keyboards for the iPad has increased in recent years.

To examine the product in detail: Logitech K400 Plus Touchpad Keyboard

Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard (920-006342)

Logitech, which always stands out with its quality products, has a wide price scale. One of the inexpensive products, the K480 allows you to use your iPad like a laptop thanks to its built-in cradle. You get a great typing experience with the large and oval keys of the keyboard.
Thanks to the dial of Logitech K480, which can connect with three devices at the same time, you can switch between devices simply and quickly. The battery life of the keyboard is 24 months.

To examine the product in detail: Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech Keys-to-Go Ultra Slim Keyboard for Apple (920-006701)

Logitech Keys-to-Go is a great iPad keyboard you'll want to have with you when you travel, thanks to its small size, thinness, and light weight. Although it is possible to make typos due to the small and close proximity of the keys, there is no better option at this size.
The Keys-to-Go's rubber coating makes it one of the quietest wireless keyboards on the market. The keyboard has no macro programmable keys or backlighting.

To examine the product in detail: Logitech Keys-to-Go Ultra Slim Keyboard

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